What is the background to the Digital Europe project?

Digital Europe is a panEuropean follow-up to the highly successful Digital Futures project in the UK. In March 2001 the Digital Futures Conference brought together business people, academics and policy-makers to discuss 'living in a dot-com world'. The Digital Europe project has been created with the
belief that the use of information communication technologies (ICTs) could help reduce our negative impact on the environment and overall improve social inclusion. The Digital Europe project is a followup of a March 2001 UK based Digital Futures project. The goal is to explore the environmental and social impacts of ecommerce in the United Kingdom, and dicususs whether digital technology based economy could be used as feature of sustainable development in the UK. Over 25 organisations contributed to the Digital Europe project, including: 8 think-tanks, 3 UK Government departments and numerous companies, including giants like BP Amoco, AOL, Amazon and many others.

What is ebusiness?

There are on-going debates about the best way of defining ebusiness [or e-business - see below]. Within Digital Europe we use the following definition:

The ebusiness sector comprises companies which deliver digital technology products and services as a significant part of their core business or use digital technologies as their primary channel to market. Ebusiness as a concept refers to transactions using these technologies, such as ework, ecommerce and egovernment.

[When using 'e' terms Digital Europe does not use hyphens for words in common usage. Eg we use 'email' not 'e-mail', 'ecommerce' not 'e-commerce' and 'ebusiness' not 'e-business']


The final report has been published as a book, Digital Futures: living in a dot com world, available from Earthscan publishing. Currently only available in hardback, the paperback will be released early in 2002.

The summary report and a chapter from the book are available to download as PDFs The Digital Futures and Dot-com ethics by James Wilsdon.